Starting a successful blog doesn’t  require you to be an Information technology  specialist or a Technical professional. Just follow the step by step instructions l used when l started my blog though l learnt tons of information along the path but there is nothing to be scare of either you just want to blog for a living, launch a personal brand or as a side hurstle Knowledge is power and no knowldge is lost.

l started blogging without really understanding what it means ,when to start ?how to start ?what a domain name is? what hosting is and other things that comes with blogging. l didn’t ever have an idea of what to write or how to drive traffic to my page.

Today l have learnt so much from other bloggers and taking courses too. Practically investing time and money into it and l can tell you today that it is easy and pretty straight forward to start your blog today. l am so excited to share part of what l know and have tested.

Here are the step by step on how to set up your blog within few minutes

Content Management System: Before starting your blog you should research the best    Content Management System to use. CMS enables you to organise your content and upload your videos and images. This is where you design and write your post .The first step you want to take is choosing your blogging platform. There are so many to choose from , if you are planning to blog for leisure or just personal purposes then you could consider using  the free option to save up such as blogging, Tumblr, Medium but if you are planning to make money from blogging then l will advice using some of the paid options.  It is important to know what you are looking for in a blogging platform and  it could be a really tough decision to make. You might want to consider choosing a platform that is easy to use and gives room for flexibility and growth. As you move forward in future you might find the need to change one or two things in your blog like l have done in the past few months. is the most popular and if you must know this is different from is a self hosting solution, you will need to sign up with a wordpress hosting provider that gives you full control over your website . You will need to learn as you go and manage your backup and security too.

Differences between and has Limited free storage and themes options while has full theme customisation and storage varies by host. pays to remove ads and limited to no technical control. With you can choose to run your ads or not and  you have full control over data base and information. All plug ins are allowed with

Make sure to look out for Speed, Features,Security,Support and Track record. Do your research and make an informed decision.


Hosting:  Selecting a reliable and affordable web hosting provider can be taunting and overwhelming. There are many hosting provider right now like lnmotion, hostgator , go daddy,1&1, Wix and Bluehost. You can go for the free ones if you are just using it for personal reasons however, if you are thinking on the business part of it then paid service is the way to go.  l will strongly recommend Bluehost. Bluehost  is an amazing platform best for WordPress and it’s user friendly.  With Bluehost you don’t need to set up wordpress because Bluehost does all that for you. You only need to do a simple free wordpress installation and you can always chat with a live chat, this is a good customer support system . You can run your blog on WordPress hosted with Bluehost.

Design your blog: Choose a simple theme depending on what your blog is about. You can purchase one at BYLT, find the one that speaks and work for you. There are many themes to choose from if you decide to go with the self hosted WordPress site. They have great themes both free and paid. Once you buy a theme ,it’s your forever. Just a head up, if you have decided to go with the free option , you will be limited on the themes .

Make it a reality: You will need to work on your theme to make it what you want it to be by doing a little bit of tweak here and there. you might have to go backward and forward on it ever if you have to seek second opinion of a friend or family member just to make it better . Do not forget to set up  a free Feedburner account so that people can subscribe to your site via email and RSS subscription. Free Google Analytics is also important  in order to track your stats.

Best Plugins for your blog:  There are thousands to choose from . You can select plugins like Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Wpform,  Backupbuddy , socialsnap , Monsterinsight  and some more. These takes just few seconds to install and you can also check out some other ones.

Write great and attractive content: Start writing creative and compelling posts.Choose your Niche. Niche is your interest .Assume yourself as a content reader or audience.What is that one thing that attract you to reading a specific article or follow that particular person, what does she write about, how does she write it, what’s the catch. This is how your audiences will find and connect to you. Your Niche is how you will determine your content, design and audiences. Think of memories, interest, hobbies, work, your day to day activities, family, what are your experiences and what are people searching for, how can you add value to your readers and who are your targeted audiences. These are what will give you ideas on what contents to create. when you focus on your Niche you will definitely grow and see results.

Time to put your contents out: Upload them on your page. Do not forget to create a logo and add a picture of yourself in the header so that people can relate and identify with you.

Endeavour to write and post regularly for growth and consistency.  Don’t be afraid to create photos with your posts by using canva, picmonkey or social media post app. Schedule your post, have specific days and time that you post. Make yourself visible, be consistent.

Happy blogging and hope to see you at the top.