Growing up we were taught to love our body  forever because the creator knows best and beauty is from within. What then change few years down the line? Should we say modernisation ,influence or social media that is telling us ,if we are not happy with what God has giving us we could change it.

Great number of women are not prepare to live or settle with the feature they are born with, instead willing to part with thousands of pounds on cosmetic procedures .Seeing so many influencers , celebrities on tv shows and just ordinary people like me every single day just make me feel left out or will l say the odd one out.

At 39 years old, l still get great compliments and quite happy with the features my mama gave me but can’t stop wandering if l need more or just an hyaluronic injection. l see lot of perfect shaped jawlines, cheeks and smooth foreheads at parties, malls, on social media platforms, bars and everywhere  l go , this got me thinking about my childhood.

Flash back to my teenage self, l remembered talking to my friends about celebrities and procedures. Procedures were not common then and used by older generations or celebrities to reverse ageing or wrinkles .Nobody wanted to be seen when going for it non talk about it but now a norm for the younger generation. Everyone want to be like the Kardashians, working three times more to save up just to go under the knife and look like someone else.

l believe that cosmetics is still a great opinion without going through injectables .Concealing and enhancing with makeup is more natural ,  will save you lot of money and won’t put you in danger of damaging your tissue if done by a wrong doctor.

Advice to my growing self, l do not want to look like someone else because Instagram is making cosmetic procedures grow so much and everyone is going to the same clinic, getting the same treatment and looking like twins. No, thank you l will pass on this one.

There is nothing wrong with enhancing your facial features if you love to do it  or have a medical reasons to but l think with my research so far l will stick to my super endure features and save up to travel and invest on other things.

As a mum and wife, it’s okay to look different after having kids .That is Mother Nature and let’s appreciate every changes that comes with it.

My journey to motherhood has been amazing and would not have it otherwise. God has created me beautifully and wonderfully in his image and likeness .l might not be perfect with my small head, nose  and sexy lips but the thought of spending my savings and still looking unidentifiable or damage is enough to keep me away from the needle forever. l am saving my face.

Are you changing or saving your face? If you have or you are , l will love to know why in the comment below.Love to hear your story and learn from you.




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