“The pleasures that we seek are not happiness at its peak, for it is contentment that gives true fulfilment” by The coach

As a mum of 4 , l understand the struggle women go through everyday, seconds, minute and hour. What are your struggles, Money, Career, Kids, Same routine everyday or feeling unfulfill? Nobody warns or tells you to preparing for some tough and happy choices you have to make when you start having kids. Children are gift from God and the fruit of the womb is the reward. They are so adorable and worth all the sacrifices but did you actually prepare for that career break of one , four or more years ?

Won’t it be just great if you had prepare for the stages involve in marriage or having kids? l wish l was more aware of the emotions that comes with marriage, career and family. Some moment of feeling unfulfilled and wondering if I took the right decision putting my career on hold to stay at home and look after the family.

Somedays when you bring out your iPad or Laptop and start searching for jobs and putting in applications because you just want to do more and have it all . The overwhelming feeling of following the same routine everyday and thinking of the plans you had when you were at university before getting married and where all these life ambition and dream is gone. Saying to yourself if only l can hire a nanny or childminder to stay with the kids why l work and earn lots of money for what l want and need.

Then another thought of how much is actually enough to satisfy you, missing out on your kids school performance, the moment they need reassurance , football and netball games, their drama and singing performance and their award evening .

You have days that you are grateful for everything and super happy for life. So proud of yourself and reassured that you are on the right path to fulfilment. Wow! won’t it be awesome to have it all?

One word that never stays with me when this thought comes is CONTENTMENT. You have your path to follow and everyones timing is different. The fact that your friends have their career before marriage and kids does not mean that you can’t have a career after marriage or kids but there is time for everything . We all are aiming for the same destination but routes and timing are different. Many people feel fulfilment from being parent, having a great job or graduating from school and getting married. You may not be where you want to be yet but it does not mean you won’t get there.

No matter where you are now , l want you to know that you are amazing and doing a brilliant job. We sacrifice to build a greater future for ourselves and kids whichever routes we follow . Your family, life, spouse, kids, career and positive friends are all the fulfilment you have. They are all around you, you just aren’t looking at the right direction. Live with a positive mind and a heart full of unconditional love and contentment. For everything God has blessed u with, be contented. The realisation of how blessed you are for what you have gives contentment . Remember that Contentment gives true fulfilment.

l will leave you with my favourite quote on FULFILLMENT by The coach From Raiseyourmind.com ” The pleasures that we seek are not happiness at its peak, for it is contentment that gives true fulfilment”.



Time to relax and have a normal life


Hello lovelies, it’s been too quiet on my blog. This is just a decision l made at the beginning of this year to always take time off social media, spend time with my hubby , just relax and live a normal life. It’s an opportunity to refresh and recharge after all the hustles and busy schedules.I needed time to clear my head ,switch off from work ,mum’s life, away from stress ,really breathe slowly and enjoy the long awaited time- out with my hubby. l knew from the start of this year that my first destination will be Tenerife, Spain. The weather is absolutely lovely there with only 4hour flight from London to Tenerife Sul.

We spent 9 days at the beautiful Haciendas Tenerife and the decision was just to take a day at a time and just enjoy every moment without overwhelming ourselves with activities and come back feeling refreshed and energised. Despite the hilly slope with few stairs to get into the apartment, I woke up to a stunning view from the balcony. The beauty and calmness of nature was just perfect for the day so it was straight to a relaxing Spa day at AQUA SPA , a perfect way to give my stress wings and let it fly away before we got on an amazing 3 1/2 hour boat cruise the second day. Great atmosphere for the evening with the fascinating view of the red mountain and beautiful beach accompanied with wine, fruits and snacks!





l couldn’t resist getting my favourite fresh fish from the store near by .Despite having every food and snacks we needed ,l wanted to try variety of food from different restaurants. This is just a hobby of mine whenever l’m on holiday ,sorry can’t stop.The fish, seafood, steak and salad  crowned my holiday .  My favourites restaurants were Char , Restaurante Los Abigos Santa Cruz  and Victoria  Costa Adeje . l sure added some flesh by the end of my holiday, can’t complaint.



Just to mention few adventurous activities we enjoyed . The Quad bike was absolutely in sane and the best part of my last 3 days were the trip to Loro paraque an hour from Costa Adeje where we stayed and the must seen outdoor adventure water park with Thai- themed thrill and family slides, swimming pools and beach  in Tenerife, Siam Park just 5minutes from our Apartment. We paid for the Vip tickets to make it worth every minute in that park. l was not disappointed at all, The Vip ticket included food and drinks in most of the restaurants . Also, we went on our favourites rides as many times as we liked which was super cool and fun. l finished off with a relaxed time on the sun lounger. For most of these activities, we were picked up from our apartment .Moving around was easy with Taxi and honest drivers every way you turn.






Needless to say everywhere was picture perfect and l could not resist taking a few snaps. You may have seen some if you follow me on instagram. However, l stayed away from my phone and iPad just to appreciate and enjoy the time with my hubby catching up with  a glass of wine and TLC.

On the final day, we had a date night and a walk around  the area for few hours. Well deserved holiday ,had an amazing time and for sure l will be visiting again. Thanks to the staffs at Haciendas Apartment for making our stay absolutely incredible! Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for an apartment close to most of the attractions in Tenerife.

Keep a close eyes out for more future posts on here of my travels . Always remember that ” Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer”. William Burroughs





Moving forward could be really difficult if you don’t know how to start or what to do at all. Are you finding it difficult to move forward, like your friends are doing better than you, you are not where you are suppose to be or you just came out of a toxic relationship and you can’t look pass it.l’ve got good news for you because l use to be that person . How did l move forward in life? The answer is practising and doing these 10 things.

10 Things you must give up to move forward

Opinion of others : Do not let the opinions of others control your life. l’m going to use myself as an example.l use to be that person that let others opinions determine what l do, how l feel and just determine my life .l came to the realisation that their opinion is their opinion and they are entitled to it .It shouldn’t determine who l am or what l should do so stop letting others opinion affect you.It’s not what others think but what you think about yourself that counts.

Fear of Failure: Don’t be afraid to fail .Every great man as gone through failure or rejections before and they are successful today .When you fail, you learn from your failure, move on and do better. Don’t ever stay down and stop because of failure, put the pieces together and do better.

Running from Problems that should be fix: STOP! STOP! running instead FIX!FIX! Face it and Fix it.That problem isn’t going no where so make sure to fix it and free your mind in order to move on.

Surround yourself with good company: l’m sure that you’ve heard this from so many people but it’s so true. l had to give up some horrible friends and people that weren’t adding value to me. You have to realise that not everyone has to stay, if they have to go then they have to go. Good company in a journey makes the way smoother and shorter. They have to support what you do, uplift you and call forth your best.

For 5 more things to give up in order to move forward, watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe.


Aim for success and be thankful: Never give up your right to be wrong so that you can learn. Be thankful for the good things in your life right now .Don’t overlook the great things happening in your life. You can only move forward if you have the power of now.

What are the things that have help you move forward? l will love to hear from you.

XoXo Omo


It is still early into 2019 and most of us have our goals and new year resolutions written down and excited about them only to get discouraged or unmotivated because things are not going according to plans.These steps have helped me to stick to my goals and achieve them efficiently.These can be apply to any goals.


There are no goals that cannot be achieve if you have the right mindset.Be excited about how to achieve them as you were when setting those goals.

I have learnt that having the right and positive mindset towards my goals and understanding that life happens , there will be challenges on the path to success but would never let that derail or stop me from reaching my goals.

HOW TO ACTUALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN 2019 watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos on Lifestyles, Finance and beauty


All this means is “what exactly is your goal”, we want to be able to define the exact steps to take and do. Say for example

  • ‘You want to stay healthy” can be “l will attend exercise classes every Wednesday and Friday at 7am
  • “I want to spend more time with the kids”can be “l will go on a road trip with the kids every second Saturday of the month”

One of my goals for 2019 is to stay consistent with my Youtube channel . l now do block recording and edit every Monday and Sunday.l also post twice in the week.

Being precise about your goals helps you break it down easily, clear your mind and focus on the tasks ahead.


In order to be specific, you need to write those goals down .l came across a bullet book at WHSmith “The little Bullet Book Be gorgeously organised” and this journal has been helpful in organising and breaking down my goals. You can use any book or a planner that works for you .You can also use the traditional method too, “create a moodboard” ,putting pictures on it .


Don’t set a goals that is not realistic for yourself. Be sincere and honest when setting your goals .Take baby steps at a time and even days that we don’t get motivated use your willpower to see you through the day.


I recently started using my google calendar efficiently .It helps me stay focus ,organise and get things done.I schedule everything that concerns me now and l can see changes in my success.When you add your goals to your calendar ,you are most likely able to do them . Trello app is also a great planner that can be downloaded on your phone,Laptop or iPad.


Your mentor or support system can be your friend, spouse, cousin or coach.It is great to have someone when the going get tough or when you are feeling unmotivated. You can also join a support group , remember that we should surround ourselves with positive people and we attract people that are like us.


Don’t ever be hard on yourself when you miss a task ,take a deep breath, remember to keep going and put your eyes on the prize.Be grateful for what you’ve achieved so far .

l hope you found these steps useful . You can start now and l believe that you will never look back. Feel free to come back to this post or video for motivation and little boost when you are feeling down.

What is one approach that has helped you stick to your goals?l love to know…..

Love Omo



Am l the only one who feels beautiful standing in front of the mirror every day .You think it’s an imagination?No, darling it is called appreciating and loving yourself .The world of social media and influencers has change the way we see and love ourselves. we see strangers on Facebook,instagram and other social media platforms with perfect bodies even when we know that they’ve had work done to their body, we still want to be like them and live their life.Do you truly know the people you follow on social media,?Do they add value to your life or make you feel less of yourself ? Do you feel insecure of the way you look when you see their photos? lf your answer is Yes, then it’s time to unfollow them and look for someone or people that will add positive energy to your life.

 My university days made me realise that beauty is not how you look or what you wear but who you are, what is inside of you, your appreciation for others, inner beauty and love for others and yourself. l am sure that you will agree with me that you might be the prettiest among your friends but get the non dedicated or faithful guy.You might not even get the attention you deserve.That is because Men not boys look beyond physical beauty.     There is no perfect man living a perfect life, even the richest with every great things of life and perfect body still want more. Keeping it real with yourself and loving the way you are, regardless of your height, shape, nose, mouth, ears, head, the way you walk, talk, smile or dresses.


1.There is someone  that will appreciate and love you but first you have to love yourself.  

2.Speak positively to yourself every day, every morning, second,minute and hour , remember that people have their opinion of you but what you think of yourself is the ultimate.  

3.Read positive books that will uplift your spirit and motivate you to do more and stand out.  

 4. Move close to people that appreciate and encourage you to be yourself. Write a note ,quote or short letter to yourself every now and then.

 5.Come out of your comfort zone and make yourself happy.

6. Do what makes you happy , always wear a smile on your face and make a different in someone’s life .This is my 2018 end of year message to you.

Identify and Embrace who you are . Let me know what you would like to change or do better in 2019.Love you and have a wonderful holiday.

The best gift you can give yourself is Love .

Omo George


I am all for natural, flawless and long lasting looks. Everyone gets happy when given value for money.I get excited when applying my foundation because it’s so easy and smooth with no effect at all.

Let me start by saying l was using YSL TOUCHE ECLAT LE TEINT for a year and half and it’s still my favourite any day, any time. Little wonder, it’s YSL’s bestselling foundation. It is a full coverage foundation and infused with the illuminating light of Touche Eclat for a radiant complexion. You can feel the glow and radiant texture even without looking at the mirror.

The formula contains a new association of pigments for enhanced coverage and radiance.Touche Eclat Le Teint full coverage Foundation gives a flawless finish with long lasting wear and feels weightless on the skin. It is easily blendable with comfort and comes with 19 plus shade Neutral, cool and warm undertone. This foundation makes me feel amazing and radiant all the time. You can use a brush or beauty blender with this product and a little goes a long way, but l have seen it work better with a brush using the dub method and circular movements starting with a drop first, followed by the second drop for a full coverage finish. To finish the Look, l always conceal and highlight with YSL iconic illuminating pen. This foundation is totally outstanding and l can’t get enough of it.

Let’s take a moment to talk about one of 2017 most rave about foundation, YSL ALL HOURS LIQUID FOUNDATION. I reach for this foundation when staying out late or on special occasion because it owns the night with a matte flawless finish. It is a full coverage foundation with SPF 22 that gives an even finish, without a mask or ghostly like effect and last 24 hours with a soft focus finish. The innovative formula is waterproof and transfer resistant. I don’t even touch up with this foundation and you can barely see my pores.

ALL HOURS LIQUID FOUNDATION comes in 22 shades of Light to dark. This foundation has oil free formula that keeps the complexion shine free with a matte finish. I use these two products during Spring, Winter and Summer without breaking out though with the previous foundation, l sometimes change my shade during summer because of change in my complexion during sunny period. Not a bad buy for £33.50. It is a great addition to any makeup collection.

Would l recommend the two? YES, l definitely will. l will recommend either of the two to friends, family and clients who want to spend a little bit for a great foundation.                Even as l look forward to some savings in 2018. l will not compromise when it comes to these two products. They will still be part of my regular shopping list.                            Keep the comments coming until next week.                                                                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR.