One of my goals at the beginner of this year is to look after myself by eating right,keeping fit , taking time out alone to regain my sanity as a woman, wife and mum, just loving myself generally.

Despite having four kids that keeps me on my toes and helps me keep fits without realizing, l still hit the gym and most especially attend exercise classes because that is what works for me .I was determined to love myself first and look after me without apology.

Eating healthy was also a great success with the help of my hubby, who wouldn’t play with his warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar in the morning and always make me drink a glass first thing in the morning.Now, l can’t live without it and a big jar of green delicious smoothie every other day and at least 8 glasses of water.l am more conscious of what l buy,eat and drink  and very happy with how l look and feel within me.

Do l actually travel for relaxation? The answer is NO. I take a day out of my week to do me.whatever l want and love to do without distraction and kids i.e stay in bed till late,l call  it ” MY LAZY DAY” or hang out with friends,go shopping,spa day or just get a book and read to get inspired and motivated  for my next task. l always look forward to my free lazy day because l need that fresh breath of air to gather myself together.

Someone will ask” was the journey smooth and easy” No. Did l struggle to make it happen ? Yes but was it worth it at the end, the answer is YES.

l want to encourage you that whatever is it that you wrote or written down, thought of or promised yourself at the beginning of 2018 and you are still not there yet or not achieved yet, there is still time to get up and go for it. There is nothing like impossibility except you are not determined. You are your own excuse.

Make up your mind today and keep telling yourself ” l can do all things”. Self Love is very important,you love yourself first by taking great care of yourself then you will have a huge and clear heart to look after others.

This is my self-love story ,l love to hear yours. What did you aim for or promised yourself at the beginning of this year and you’ve achieved, what was the motivation around it, that made it possible . Comment below, l can’t wait to read from you.

Stay connected , until next time.





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Time to relax and have a normal life


Hello lovelies, it’s been too quiet on my blog. This is just a decision l made at the beginning of this year to always take time off social media, spend time with my hubby , just relax and live a normal life. It’s an opportunity to refresh and recharge after all the hustles and busy schedules.I needed time to clear my head ,switch off from work ,mum’s life, away from stress ,really breathe slowly and enjoy the long awaited time- out with my hubby. l knew from the start of this year that my first destination will be Tenerife, Spain. The weather is absolutely lovely there with only 4hour flight from London to Tenerife Sul.

We spent 9 days at the beautiful Haciendas Tenerife and the decision was just to take a day at a time and just enjoy every moment without overwhelming ourselves with activities and come back feeling refreshed and energised. Despite the hilly slope with few stairs to get into the apartment, I woke up to a stunning view from the balcony. The beauty and calmness of nature was just perfect for the day so it was straight to a relaxing Spa day at AQUA SPA , a perfect way to give my stress wings and let it fly away before we got on an amazing 3 1/2 hour boat cruise the second day. Great atmosphere for the evening with the fascinating view of the red mountain and beautiful beach accompanied with wine, fruits and snacks!





l couldn’t resist getting my favourite fresh fish from the store near by .Despite having every food and snacks we needed ,l wanted to try variety of food from different restaurants. This is just a hobby of mine whenever l’m on holiday ,sorry can’t stop.The fish, seafood, steak and salad  crowned my holiday .  My favourites restaurants were Char , Restaurante Los Abigos Santa Cruz  and Victoria  Costa Adeje . l sure added some flesh by the end of my holiday, can’t complaint.



Just to mention few adventurous activities we enjoyed . The Quad bike was absolutely in sane and the best part of my last 3 days were the trip to Loro paraque an hour from Costa Adeje where we stayed and the must seen outdoor adventure water park with Thai- themed thrill and family slides, swimming pools and beach  in Tenerife, Siam Park just 5minutes from our Apartment. We paid for the Vip tickets to make it worth every minute in that park. l was not disappointed at all, The Vip ticket included food and drinks in most of the restaurants . Also, we went on our favourites rides as many times as we liked which was super cool and fun. l finished off with a relaxed time on the sun lounger. For most of these activities, we were picked up from our apartment .Moving around was easy with Taxi and honest drivers every way you turn.






Needless to say everywhere was picture perfect and l could not resist taking a few snaps. You may have seen some if you follow me on instagram. However, l stayed away from my phone and iPad just to appreciate and enjoy the time with my hubby catching up with  a glass of wine and TLC.

On the final day, we had a date night and a walk around  the area for few hours. Well deserved holiday ,had an amazing time and for sure l will be visiting again. Thanks to the staffs at Haciendas Apartment for making our stay absolutely incredible! Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for an apartment close to most of the attractions in Tenerife.

Keep a close eyes out for more future posts on here of my travels . Always remember that ” Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer”. William Burroughs






Starting a successful blog doesn’t  require you to be an Information technology  specialist or a Technical professional. Just follow the step by step instructions l used when l started my blog though l learnt tons of information along the path but there is nothing to be scare of either you just want to blog for a living, launch a personal brand or as a side hurstle Knowledge is power and no knowldge is lost.

l started blogging without really understanding what it means ,when to start ?how to start ?what a domain name is? what hosting is and other things that comes with blogging. l didn’t ever have an idea of what to write or how to drive traffic to my page.

Today l have learnt so much from other bloggers and taking courses too. Practically investing time and money into it and l can tell you today that it is easy and pretty straight forward to start your blog today. l am so excited to share part of what l know and have tested.

Here are the step by step on how to set up your blog within few minutes

Content Management System: Before starting your blog you should research the best    Content Management System to use. CMS enables you to organise your content and upload your videos and images. This is where you design and write your post .The first step you want to take is choosing your blogging platform. There are so many to choose from , if you are planning to blog for leisure or just personal purposes then you could consider using  the free option to save up such as blogging, Tumblr, Medium but if you are planning to make money from blogging then l will advice using some of the paid options.  It is important to know what you are looking for in a blogging platform and  it could be a really tough decision to make. You might want to consider choosing a platform that is easy to use and gives room for flexibility and growth. As you move forward in future you might find the need to change one or two things in your blog like l have done in the past few months. is the most popular and if you must know this is different from is a self hosting solution, you will need to sign up with a wordpress hosting provider that gives you full control over your website . You will need to learn as you go and manage your backup and security too.

Differences between and has Limited free storage and themes options while has full theme customisation and storage varies by host. pays to remove ads and limited to no technical control. With you can choose to run your ads or not and  you have full control over data base and information. All plug ins are allowed with

Make sure to look out for Speed, Features,Security,Support and Track record. Do your research and make an informed decision.


Hosting:  Selecting a reliable and affordable web hosting provider can be taunting and overwhelming. There are many hosting provider right now like lnmotion, hostgator , go daddy,1&1, Wix and Bluehost. You can go for the free ones if you are just using it for personal reasons however, if you are thinking on the business part of it then paid service is the way to go.  l will strongly recommend Bluehost. Bluehost  is an amazing platform best for WordPress and it’s user friendly.  With Bluehost you don’t need to set up wordpress because Bluehost does all that for you. You only need to do a simple free wordpress installation and you can always chat with a live chat, this is a good customer support system . You can run your blog on WordPress hosted with Bluehost.

Design your blog: Choose a simple theme depending on what your blog is about. You can purchase one at BYLT, find the one that speaks and work for you. There are many themes to choose from if you decide to go with the self hosted WordPress site. They have great themes both free and paid. Once you buy a theme ,it’s your forever. Just a head up, if you have decided to go with the free option , you will be limited on the themes .

Make it a reality: You will need to work on your theme to make it what you want it to be by doing a little bit of tweak here and there. you might have to go backward and forward on it ever if you have to seek second opinion of a friend or family member just to make it better . Do not forget to set up  a free Feedburner account so that people can subscribe to your site via email and RSS subscription. Free Google Analytics is also important  in order to track your stats.

Best Plugins for your blog:  There are thousands to choose from . You can select plugins like Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Wpform,  Backupbuddy , socialsnap , Monsterinsight  and some more. These takes just few seconds to install and you can also check out some other ones.

Write great and attractive content: Start writing creative and compelling posts.Choose your Niche. Niche is your interest .Assume yourself as a content reader or audience.What is that one thing that attract you to reading a specific article or follow that particular person, what does she write about, how does she write it, what’s the catch. This is how your audiences will find and connect to you. Your Niche is how you will determine your content, design and audiences. Think of memories, interest, hobbies, work, your day to day activities, family, what are your experiences and what are people searching for, how can you add value to your readers and who are your targeted audiences. These are what will give you ideas on what contents to create. when you focus on your Niche you will definitely grow and see results.

Time to put your contents out: Upload them on your page. Do not forget to create a logo and add a picture of yourself in the header so that people can relate and identify with you.

Endeavour to write and post regularly for growth and consistency.  Don’t be afraid to create photos with your posts by using canva, picmonkey or social media post app. Schedule your post, have specific days and time that you post. Make yourself visible, be consistent.

Happy blogging and hope to see you at the top.




” Becoming,” was released in November 2018 and became the top selling book of 2018 and still my favourite till date . It is considered one of the best selling memoirs of all time.

l finally got around to reading this amazing, thoughtful and inspirational book. Will l say that l’m blown away? Yes

There is a lot to say about this book but l will mention a few. ” Becoming ,” is a book filled with encouragement , hope  and believe in the future. Every page is an openness of her heart

This book is an openness of her life. Talking about Michelle Obama’s childhood in Chicago , her marriage, time in the white House and current President of the United State of America Donald Trump.

20190514_100553_0000 (1)

l connect to this book because l see so many of what l want to be in her and she represents a lot of things that we already are . Her strength, love, focus and tough minded spirit  just gives me so much faith in what l’m embarking on at the moment. l absolutely love this book, phenomenal.

You get to read and understand the rejections, criticisms and doubts she went through even from her high school counsellor . Despite all storm she came out strong and successful. 

She reveals  the difficulties in her marriage with Barrack and how they conceive both children using Vitro fertilisation (IVF). This is an encouragement for anyone going through such situation or any other situation never to give up. There is hope and assurance in every situation.

What are the Lessons l learnt:

Never be afraid to leap when required. We achieve success at different pace even if we start a race at the same time ,we finish at different times.

Never under estimate the knowledge and power you carry.

Don’t let anyone pull you down, like Michelle Obama said ” Stay true to yourself and never let what somebody says distract you from your goals.

Carry yourself with honour and dignity. Be faithful to yourself

Your struggle today is just for a while , with hard work ,dedication and determination, you can make things happen. 

You need to read this book to actually understand why people are raving about it.

Grab yourself a copy of this book by clicking the link below and don’t forget to gift a friend or family member , remember that sharing is caring.

What book are you enjoying at the moment and why do you love  it?






Moving forward could be really difficult if you don’t know how to start or what to do at all. Are you finding it difficult to move forward, like your friends are doing better than you, you are not where you are suppose to be or you just came out of a toxic relationship and you can’t look pass it.l’ve got good news for you because l use to be that person . How did l move forward in life? The answer is practising and doing these 10 things.

10 Things you must give up to move forward

Opinion of others : Do not let the opinions of others control your life. l’m going to use myself as an example.l use to be that person that let others opinions determine what l do, how l feel and just determine my life .l came to the realisation that their opinion is their opinion and they are entitled to it .It shouldn’t determine who l am or what l should do so stop letting others opinion affect you.It’s not what others think but what you think about yourself that counts.

Fear of Failure: Don’t be afraid to fail .Every great man as gone through failure or rejections before and they are successful today .When you fail, you learn from your failure, move on and do better. Don’t ever stay down and stop because of failure, put the pieces together and do better.

Running from Problems that should be fix: STOP! STOP! running instead FIX!FIX! Face it and Fix it.That problem isn’t going no where so make sure to fix it and free your mind in order to move on.

Surround yourself with good company: l’m sure that you’ve heard this from so many people but it’s so true. l had to give up some horrible friends and people that weren’t adding value to me. You have to realise that not everyone has to stay, if they have to go then they have to go. Good company in a journey makes the way smoother and shorter. They have to support what you do, uplift you and call forth your best.

For 5 more things to give up in order to move forward, watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Aim for success and be thankful: Never give up your right to be wrong so that you can learn. Be thankful for the good things in your life right now .Don’t overlook the great things happening in your life. You can only move forward if you have the power of now.

What are the things that have help you move forward? l will love to hear from you.

XoXo Omo


It is still early into 2019 and most of us have our goals and new year resolutions written down and excited about them only to get discouraged or unmotivated because things are not going according to plans.These steps have helped me to stick to my goals and achieve them efficiently.These can be apply to any goals.


There are no goals that cannot be achieve if you have the right mindset.Be excited about how to achieve them as you were when setting those goals.

I have learnt that having the right and positive mindset towards my goals and understanding that life happens , there will be challenges on the path to success but would never let that derail or stop me from reaching my goals.

HOW TO ACTUALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN 2019 watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos on Lifestyles, Finance and beauty


All this means is “what exactly is your goal”, we want to be able to define the exact steps to take and do. Say for example

  • ‘You want to stay healthy” can be “l will attend exercise classes every Wednesday and Friday at 7am
  • “I want to spend more time with the kids”can be “l will go on a road trip with the kids every second Saturday of the month”

One of my goals for 2019 is to stay consistent with my Youtube channel . l now do block recording and edit every Monday and Sunday.l also post twice in the week.

Being precise about your goals helps you break it down easily, clear your mind and focus on the tasks ahead.


In order to be specific, you need to write those goals down .l came across a bullet book at WHSmith “The little Bullet Book Be gorgeously organised” and this journal has been helpful in organising and breaking down my goals. You can use any book or a planner that works for you .You can also use the traditional method too, “create a moodboard” ,putting pictures on it .


Don’t set a goals that is not realistic for yourself. Be sincere and honest when setting your goals .Take baby steps at a time and even days that we don’t get motivated use your willpower to see you through the day.


I recently started using my google calendar efficiently .It helps me stay focus ,organise and get things done.I schedule everything that concerns me now and l can see changes in my success.When you add your goals to your calendar ,you are most likely able to do them . Trello app is also a great planner that can be downloaded on your phone,Laptop or iPad.


Your mentor or support system can be your friend, spouse, cousin or coach.It is great to have someone when the going get tough or when you are feeling unmotivated. You can also join a support group , remember that we should surround ourselves with positive people and we attract people that are like us.


Don’t ever be hard on yourself when you miss a task ,take a deep breath, remember to keep going and put your eyes on the prize.Be grateful for what you’ve achieved so far .

l hope you found these steps useful . You can start now and l believe that you will never look back. Feel free to come back to this post or video for motivation and little boost when you are feeling down.

What is one approach that has helped you stick to your goals?l love to know…..

Love Omo



Am l the only one who feels beautiful standing in front of the mirror every day .You think it’s an imagination?No, darling it is called appreciating and loving yourself .The world of social media and influencers has change the way we see and love ourselves. we see strangers on Facebook,instagram and other social media platforms with perfect bodies even when we know that they’ve had work done to their body, we still want to be like them and live their life.Do you truly know the people you follow on social media,?Do they add value to your life or make you feel less of yourself ? Do you feel insecure of the way you look when you see their photos? lf your answer is Yes, then it’s time to unfollow them and look for someone or people that will add positive energy to your life.

 My university days made me realise that beauty is not how you look or what you wear but who you are, what is inside of you, your appreciation for others, inner beauty and love for others and yourself. l am sure that you will agree with me that you might be the prettiest among your friends but get the non dedicated or faithful guy.You might not even get the attention you deserve.That is because Men not boys look beyond physical beauty.     There is no perfect man living a perfect life, even the richest with every great things of life and perfect body still want more. Keeping it real with yourself and loving the way you are, regardless of your height, shape, nose, mouth, ears, head, the way you walk, talk, smile or dresses.


1.There is someone  that will appreciate and love you but first you have to love yourself.  

2.Speak positively to yourself every day, every morning, second,minute and hour , remember that people have their opinion of you but what you think of yourself is the ultimate.  

3.Read positive books that will uplift your spirit and motivate you to do more and stand out.  

 4. Move close to people that appreciate and encourage you to be yourself. Write a note ,quote or short letter to yourself every now and then.

 5.Come out of your comfort zone and make yourself happy.

6. Do what makes you happy , always wear a smile on your face and make a different in someone’s life .This is my 2018 end of year message to you.

Identify and Embrace who you are . Let me know what you would like to change or do better in 2019.Love you and have a wonderful holiday.

The best gift you can give yourself is Love .

Omo George


IMG_9133_Facetune_08-09-2018-19-51-44-2My drugstore journey began the beginning of this year when l decided to spend less and save more instead of high brands makeup ,l will do my research and go for good quality at an affordable price. Having said that l still will give myself occasional treat of high brands makeup.

l surprised myself on how quickly things fell in place,l started with drugstore liquid lipsticks like maybelline superstay £7.00 an intense ink colour that drys down to ultra-chic matt finish and flawless look,12hour wear,it applies smoothly giving second skin effect in just one stroke with a precise arrow applicator. This was a breakthrough for me because it means l could save another £7 or more .At this point, curiosity set in and also l needed a new foundation and wasn’t ready to invest in my favorite foundation at that point so l decided to try Maybelline superstay foundation £9.99, going into boots was always exciting for me when l needed toiletries and high brands products because l love their advantage cards for adding points ,it always comes handy especially during christmas time when my spending is skyrocket but this time around l went in for something l wasn’t sure would be as great as my best seller.

l left boots satisfied and really proud of drugstore products,this foundation is everything from 24hr full coverage to completely correcting visible flaws and imperfections ,lightweight,highly pigmented and gives a flawless transformation .lt will not smudge or clog my pores definitely my favorite foundation without breaking the bank.A friend of mine ask me if l had mac foundation on .l am obsessed with maybelline and wouldn’t  stop recommending this brand

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These are just two out of the drugstore products l am loving and embracing every other day.I believe in testing the waters and playing with make up.At the moment, l am enjoying my journey to saving and below is the video of few hours test of Maybelline Liquid Lipstick.

Maybelline Superstay Liquidlipstick video

Leave me a comment, let me know your favorite drugstrug product and why you absolutely love it.Also, if you’ve tried Maybelline Liquid Lipstick and foundation,what do you think of it?



Recently, l went on liquid lipstick testing series on my YouTube channel and must admit, it was a tough decision choosing my absolutely favorite.I love every liquid lipstick tested especially the drugstore ones, amazing products with long lasting powers.

Wet n wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick was just too great to put down, l was reaching out for it everyday to the point that l felt l wanted to stop the testing and searching series for long lasting liquid lipstick on my YouTube channel.



This Lipsticks applies like butter, feels like second skin, wouldn’t move or budge. It goes on smoothly, glossy and dries down into a high pigmented matte finish with serious staying power.It is light weight formula , feels velvety soft , they don’t fade or smudge and isn’t going nowhere.

With a product not even close to  expensive,tested for 8hours and lasted through eating/ drinking and completely transfer proof. l bet you can sleep and still feel fresh when you wake up.This is an absolute win win for me. If you have tried one,which color is your favourite?Nude or Darker color.




Hello beautiful people, am l the only one wondering that this year is moving really quickly and as we approach spring and summer season, more outfits are out and most of us are clearing out our wardrobes for a fresh spring and summer look.

We are embracing so many bold and vibrant colours like pink, red , blue n style for next season.Colours are expected to be style like watercolour or kids playing with colours and can be in form of vintage floral,victoria Neckline or Ruffles.The return of Sequins and Fringe and Tassels.Let define 2018 spring and summer in STYLE.

These are the 10 spring and summer trends to look forward to:

PASTELS : This colour is like wash out but can’t be missed this spring and if you are all for pastels , you might want to combine it with baby blue, pink or lemon.

SEQUINS: The summer season will see outburst of sequins.Sequins can be a lovely blazer pair with essentials from your wardrobe like a pair of jeans and Tee’s. You can style it with sweatshirt to give a relax style for a daytime look.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

FRINGE & TASSEL: Fringe made a comeback this season and a trend we will continue to see, from a cool tone whites to block brights and the 1920′ and 80′ vibes coming back. we expect to see more  in boots, trench coats,ear rings, fringed tops and dresses add a gorgeous heel for a chic statement look.Get ready for that killer party look with a statement clutch to complete the look.

SHEERNESS: This is my absolute favourite as relax as my style is but this speaks to me, l find myself loving and embracing this trend. This gives a bit of sex appeal with not showing too much skin.We’ve seen it all on the runway s/s 2018 sheer coats, dresses and skirts revealed cycling shorts and full briefs.l am in love with this gorgeous sheer bodysuit from Fashion nova.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

LAVENDER: Lavender is a new colour that will dominate the market as we’ve seen on the runway and stores. It’s the ideal spring colour . A touch of lavender or head to toe lavender suit will look so feminine, chic and perfect. You can also play around with bold and vibrant colours and let’s just shine bright like Rihanna.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

TRENCH COAT: Trench coat is a wardrobe staple and ruffle are been added for a more feminine updated look and definitely in variety of different colours.

SUPER HIGH WAIST PANT: This is a casual must have for a girl in the city look. It slims the upper waist and makes the leg longer. l already invested in this, no going back now.

CHECKS: It looks like checks aren’t going nowhere yet.Expect to see checks everywhere on jackets , skirts and more

RUFFLES: Ruffles are back and bigger this spring and summer so it’s nice to inject some to your wardrobe. lt’s a like or hate but l guess, we will all agree that it’s a LIKE. when teamed with cool denim it can create that girly or really chic look.

BOLD COLOURS:The last trend is our bold colours that has been since 2017 and still will be in 2018.We’ll see red, blue, mustard,pink, green and just different colour to love this season.

Colours are in, embrace the trends.

Brighten your wardrobe ready for the season and let me know your favourite trends. comment and share and l will see you next week.