” Becoming,” was released in November 2018 and became the top selling book of 2018 and still my favourite till date . It is considered one of the best selling memoirs of all time.

l finally got around to reading this amazing, thoughtful and inspirational book. Will l say that l’m blown away? Yes

There is a lot to say about this book but l will mention a few. ” Becoming ,” is a book filled with encouragement , hope  and believe in the future. Every page is an openness of her heart

This book is an openness of her life. Talking about Michelle Obama’s childhood in Chicago , her marriage, time in the white House and current President of the United State of America Donald Trump.

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l connect to this book because l see so many of what l want to be in her and she represents a lot of things that we already are . Her strength, love, focus and tough minded spirit  just gives me so much faith in what l’m embarking on at the moment. l absolutely love this book, phenomenal.

You get to read and understand the rejections, criticisms and doubts she went through even from her high school counsellor . Despite all storm she came out strong and successful. 

She reveals  the difficulties in her marriage with Barrack and how they conceive both children using Vitro fertilisation (IVF). This is an encouragement for anyone going through such situation or any other situation never to give up. There is hope and assurance in every situation.

What are the Lessons l learnt:

Never be afraid to leap when required. We achieve success at different pace even if we start a race at the same time ,we finish at different times.

Never under estimate the knowledge and power you carry.

Don’t let anyone pull you down, like Michelle Obama said ” Stay true to yourself and never let what somebody says distract you from your goals.

Carry yourself with honour and dignity. Be faithful to yourself

Your struggle today is just for a while , with hard work ,dedication and determination, you can make things happen. 

You need to read this book to actually understand why people are raving about it.

Grab yourself a copy of this book by clicking the link below and don’t forget to gift a friend or family member , remember that sharing is caring.

What book are you enjoying at the moment and why do you love  it?






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