Recently, l went on liquid lipstick testing series on my YouTube channel and must admit, it was a tough decision choosing my absolutely favorite.I love every liquid lipstick tested especially the drugstore ones, amazing products with long lasting powers.

Wet n wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick was just too great to put down, l was reaching out for it everyday to the point that l felt l wanted to stop the testing and searching series for long lasting liquid lipstick on my YouTube channel.



This Lipsticks applies like butter, feels like second skin, wouldn’t move or budge. It goes on smoothly, glossy and dries down into a high pigmented matte finish with serious staying power.It is light weight formula , feels velvety soft , they don’t fade or smudge and isn’t going nowhere.

With a product not even close to  expensive,tested for 8hours and lasted through eating/ drinking and completely transfer proof. l bet you can sleep and still feel fresh when you wake up.This is an absolute win win for me. If you have tried one,which color is your favourite?Nude or Darker color.





One of my goals at the beginner of this year is to look after myself by eating right,keeping fit , taking time out alone to regain my sanity as a woman, wife and mum, just loving myself generally.

Despite having four kids that keeps me on my toes and helps me keep fits without realizing, l still hit the gym and most especially attend exercise classes because that is what works for me .I was determined to love myself first and look after me without apology.

Eating healthy was also a great success with the help of my hubby, who wouldn’t play with his warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar in the morning and always make me drink a glass first thing in the morning.Now, l can’t live without it and a big jar of green delicious smoothie every other day and at least 8 glasses of water.l am more conscious of what l buy,eat and drink  and very happy with how l look and feel within me.

Do l actually travel for relaxation? The answer is NO. I take a day out of my week to do me.whatever l want and love to do without distraction and kids i.e stay in bed till late,l call  it ” MY LAZY DAY” or hang out with friends,go shopping,spa day or just get a book and read to get inspired and motivated  for my next task. l always look forward to my free lazy day because l need that fresh breath of air to gather myself together.

Someone will ask” was the journey smooth and easy” No. Did l struggle to make it happen ? Yes but was it worth it at the end, the answer is YES.

l want to encourage you that whatever is it that you wrote or written down, thought of or promised yourself at the beginning of 2018 and you are still not there yet or not achieved yet, there is still time to get up and go for it. There is nothing like impossibility except you are not determined. You are your own excuse.

Make up your mind today and keep telling yourself ” l can do all things”. Self Love is very important,you love yourself first by taking great care of yourself then you will have a huge and clear heart to look after others.

This is my self-love story ,l love to hear yours. What did you aim for or promised yourself at the beginning of this year and you’ve achieved, what was the motivation around it, that made it possible . Comment below, l can’t wait to read from you.

Stay connected , until next time.





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