Hello beautiful people, am l the only one wondering that this year is moving really quickly and as we approach spring and summer season, more outfits are out and most of us are clearing out our wardrobes for a fresh spring and summer look.

We are embracing so many bold and vibrant colours like pink, red , blue n style for next season.Colours are expected to be style like watercolour or kids playing with colours and can be in form of vintage floral,victoria Neckline or Ruffles.The return of Sequins and Fringe and Tassels.Let define 2018 spring and summer in STYLE.

These are the 10 spring and summer trends to look forward to:

PASTELS : This colour is like wash out but can’t be missed this spring and if you are all for pastels , you might want to combine it with baby blue, pink or lemon.

SEQUINS: The summer season will see outburst of sequins.Sequins can be a lovely blazer pair with essentials from your wardrobe like a pair of jeans and Tee’s. You can style it with sweatshirt to give a relax style for a daytime look.

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FRINGE & TASSEL: Fringe made a comeback this season and a trend we will continue to see, from a cool tone whites to block brights and the 1920′ and 80′ vibes coming back. we expect to see more  in boots, trench coats,ear rings, fringed tops and dresses add a gorgeous heel for a chic statement look.Get ready for that killer party look with a statement clutch to complete the look.

SHEERNESS: This is my absolute favourite as relax as my style is but this speaks to me, l find myself loving and embracing this trend. This gives a bit of sex appeal with not showing too much skin.We’ve seen it all on the runway s/s 2018 sheer coats, dresses and skirts revealed cycling shorts and full briefs.l am in love with this gorgeous sheer bodysuit from Fashion nova.

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LAVENDER: Lavender is a new colour that will dominate the market as we’ve seen on the runway and stores. It’s the ideal spring colour . A touch of lavender or head to toe lavender suit will look so feminine, chic and perfect. You can also play around with bold and vibrant colours and let’s just shine bright like Rihanna.

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TRENCH COAT: Trench coat is a wardrobe staple and ruffle are been added for a more feminine updated look and definitely in variety of different colours.

SUPER HIGH WAIST PANT: This is a casual must have for a girl in the city look. It slims the upper waist and makes the leg longer. l already invested in this, no going back now.

CHECKS: It looks like checks aren’t going nowhere yet.Expect to see checks everywhere on jackets , skirts and more

RUFFLES: Ruffles are back and bigger this spring and summer so it’s nice to inject some to your wardrobe. lt’s a like or hate but l guess, we will all agree that it’s a LIKE. when teamed with cool denim it can create that girly or really chic look.

BOLD COLOURS:The last trend is our bold colours that has been since 2017 and still will be in 2018.We’ll see red, blue, mustard,pink, green and just different colour to love this season.

Colours are in, embrace the trends.

Brighten your wardrobe ready for the season and let me know your favourite trends. comment and share and l will see you next week.





I recently picked up the Lancome Highlighter drops and was it worth my coin and time, Let’s find out.

Lancome came out with their Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighter Drops in 4 beautiful shades Rose, Champagne,Bronze and Gold.

My Love for Lancome came back straight away after using these highlighters.l picked up Rose and Bronze Glow. Am l loving it? Yes .Am l getting the glow l need in my life? Yes.

They are absolutely gorgeous.Beautifully sultry and just literally like you are glowing from within. It’s so beautiful you will look naturally radiant. It gives that natural look and not blindy at all.

I love that there is a shade for all skin types, paraben free, water in oil emulsion for perfect fusion with skin and lightweight texture. The ultra concentrated formula allows for  customisable and buildable glow.

It is recommended that you blend your chosen liquid highlighter with Teint ldole ultra wear Foundation or apply on top of your foundation for a look that is healthy, dewy and radiant. l tell you, the two application works amazingly well and can actually be used with any foundation. lt is a dense highlighter with plenty of pigments and very easy to apply.They melt and blend well into the skin. You can apply a little for daytime look and be generous for the evening.

l love to apply it using my finger or beauty sponge because they blends seamlessly into foundation and on skin but just play around with it and sees what works for you. The Rose Glow will look so dewy with a tan.lt natural glow in a bottle and not harsh or glittery.

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lf you are all for the natural glow and not blindy then these highlighters are all yours for keep. They retail for £26 each , 15ml but you can get it for £23.40 on FEELUNIQUE website now

They are worth it all the well .l’m loving the glow and can’t wait for SUMMER.

Link to my recent post on  Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighter Drops and swatches on my Youtube channel.

Be True To Yourself and Keep Moving.

See you next week.

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